Zed Zed TOPS

About Zed Zed TOPS

Our Story (And We Are Sticking To It.)


Billy tells the story: **Dusty and I met at the beard care product store while out buying tequila and guitar strings. They let Frank out a couple of weeks later**...and like the rest, is historically incorrect.

The urban legend around town is Billy's special guitar sound comes from the fact he plays guitar with a Canadian Loonie and not a guitar pick. 

He refuses comment.

Thanks to Kevin & Pat at Steve's Music 

The OFFICIAL  Zed Zed TOPS Music Store in Ottawa

Our Inspiration


Billy Gibson (guitar/vocal) says; 

 **Fast guitar riffs, fast bikes & cars, & taking it slow with my lady.**

 Dusty Chill (bass/vocal) says;

**Keeping the ladies dancing all night long with my sweet bass sound **

Frank Sweird (drums) says; 

**Just glad to be out and beat things with sticks**

Our Song List


Cheap Sunglasses

I'm Bad I'm Nationwide

Just Got Paid

La Grange

Gimme All Your Lovin 

Waiting On The Bus

Jesus Just Left Chicago

A Fool For Your Stockings

Rough Boy


My Head's In Mississippi

Tube Snake Boogie


I Thank You

Sharp Dressed Man

She's Just Killing Me

Dust My Broom

Going Down

What's Up With That

I Gotsta Get Paid

Hey Joe